Sono Elements RetroByts features the sound of the NES video game console and the C64 8-bit computer. Both machines had a huge influence on the 80s culture and are classics of the chiptune music scene. Included in RetroByts are all the NES and C64 basic waveforms plus a collection of retro video game consoles sounds.

RetroByts combines these chiptune sounds with the architecture of a basic organ. Simple in design, RetroByts makes it easy and fast to create powerful 8-bit sounds using very little CPU.

Hear for yourself

No external audio effects have been used in the audio demo. This is the sound of RetroByts only.

User Interface


  • 30 8-bit waveforms
  • Amplitude ADSR
  • Reverb, filter and sub effects
  • 4-octaves transposer
  • Comes as a VST & AU instrument for macOS & Windows 7, 8, 10




Note: not compatible with macOS Catalina. Update coming soon.

 2019 | Sono Elements

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